Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's day special

A word that brings rejoice,

A name that holds all joys,

A feeling you just can’t tell

A bond that has its own tale.

Words fall less when I talk about you,

Time fall short when I start talking to you

Days gets drained like seconds when I am with you,

Because my world is so big which starts and stops with you.

I have so much to write but don’t know where to start,

Life has changed a lot but you were there in every part

Every moment I thought of about, love and care was filled by you,

Every day a call to you are like the nuts on an ice crème.

How did you find the energy, Mom?

To do all the things you did and stood strong,

To be teacher, nurse and counselor

To me, when I was a kid till I grew old.

How did you do it all, Mom?

Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,

Yet find time to be a playmate,

I just can't comprehend.

A kiss to wipe away my tears,

A touch to ease all my fears.

I thank you for your tender care,

For deep warm hugs and being there.

Now when I think of all these days,

I just wonder, how beautiful were they,

I am proud to have you as my MoM,

And will cherish all our moments that are still to come.

My mummy bestest...................

My mummy rocks.......................

My mummy smartest.................

And that all I know.

I love you my M@.....................

Happy Mother's day. J

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey its new year time again........
Some more resolution, some more wishes,
some new trends, some new styles,
new year will stay new till we have something new coming in......

But in this search off new things , its important to keep hold of the past.
A tree can grow big only if it has strong roots.
Plan your new year using the lessons learnt from last year.

So mantra for this year is.

Stay fit, Stay healthy!!!!
Keep worries at distance and friends in heart
smile on face and humor in words.

Have a very happy and healthy new year!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aasha ya Nirasha

Ek Aasha thi, Ek nirasha thi,
dono ki apni ek paribhsha thi,
Kuch swapn hosle bulandia thi,
Kuch nishkarm parajit kahania thi.

Dono juda the lekin khafa n the,
kyoki unke sahi juda n the,
har modh par nirasha mein aasha bhi thi
Par har pal aasha mein nirasha aai thi.

Dono is tarah kuch apne bane
Har modh mein khafile mein naye ang saje,
kuch aapne the the kuch paraye bane
kintu wah to apne hi abhi praye bane.

Par jindagi se is tarah n darr mere yaar
swapno mein aasha k deepak jala
nirasha ki jyoti se andhkar bhaga
paaoge lakshye agle modh pe khada.

To maan le baat, le le prand
aasha nirasha har dum rhe sang
fark to nazariye ka hai mere dost
to bana le ise apne jeevan ka abhinn anng....

Be positive yaar!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yahi dua sambne magi
ghanan ghanan ghir aaye badra
jam kar barsi warsha rani.

Bhagwan kripalu hue praja par,
jam kar barsa pani har aur,
nadia ufani, talab bhahe, hariyali chahi har aur...
par sawan ka annt aate hi shor macha tha har aur.

Kichad bana sadko ka pani
aage chala nadio ka pani,
baith gya kue mein pani,
Alwida boli warsha rani.

Beet rha tha ek-ek pal,
nasth ho rha tha ek-ek kand jal,
samaj na aaya tha ab bhi barbadi ka wo har pal
nasamjhi mein samaj rhe the unki duao ka fhal.

Beeta sawan, beeta posh, dheere se aaya fagun,
sabne apni chata bhikeri, kar harshit har ek mann
aanandit sab the par kisne dekha tha ye swapn,
lekar aayega chaitr maas saath mein koan sa gam.

Jal ka ab ho rha tha annt ,
sare nal ab rhe the band.
Jeev-jantu ghum rhe the pyase,
soch rhe the kab beetege ye tremasse.

Sab k mukh par thi bus yhi wani
Jal ki keemat ab humne hai pahchani
bhool nhi hogi ab humne hai taani
Hey prabhu sun lo vinti.....


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exploring Life

Its been a long time since we met
Its been a long time since we chat
Things have changed a lot and so am I
Still tyring to figure out where am I

Not much has been gained
Not much has been lost
Life is a story
Where there is only one full stop

I am happy, I am sad
I am confused or I am mad
I really need to figure out
Why I said all that

Roles and responsibilities may change
But your attitude should not
You may not be perfect
So is not even God

Still tyring to figure out
all different shades of life,
This journey is really long..........
And the number of opportunities you may find

So what are you thinking dear...


$ur :-)